Friday, May 08, 2009

Three Iranian films to be screened with age restrictions

Three Iranian films will be screened with age restrictions in cinemas both in Tehran and provincial cities. This has been happening to a number of films now and then during thepast few years, but only for a few of them. The films, namely Harim (the zone) directed by Reza Khatibi which was screened on Wednesday and "the postman would knock on the door only for three times" by Hassan Fathi and "the hut" by Javad Afshar which are in the schedule for the silver screen later on the year, will be focusing on the age of the viewers when selling tickets. These films, together with another one called "the shadow of horror" directed by Emad Assadi, were screened with the same age restriction during the last International Fajr Film Festival for having too violent or horrifying scenes. Prior to this, the Iranian cinema had experienced only a very few cases for which age restrictions was necessarily applied. For example, youngsters below the age of 18 were banned from watching "the calamities of Shirin" by Alireza Dacoudnezhad while people below 16 were not recommended to see "Parkvey" directed by Fereydoun Jirani, for its belonging to the horror film genre. One thing to note here is that these limitations were never strictly applied to these films. here

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Iran's Election Fever

Here in Iran everybody is getting ready for the presidential election. The reformist, the conservative, the right and the left, all are little by little getting together to choose their own president.
This time I think the main challenge is between former president Mohammad khatami and the current president. Meanwhile, there is another hope that former, and the last prime minister of Iran, Mir Hussein Mossavi enters the campaign.
Some say if he nominates for presidential, it is possible that Mr. Khatami and Mr. Karrobi leave the scene in behalf of him.
Another dilemma in political situation of Iran is that some parts of the Principlist parties who are supposed to back Mr. Ahmadinezhad, might come after Mossavi. By now the heat of election, is so tangible that almost everybody talk about that.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reps or Demos? Which of them is good for Iran

Some political elites in Iran think that Obama’s victory is beneficial for us and along with that many other people believe the democrats in US are better than the Reps in treating Iran.
Some Iranian media even are so excited about his triumph to McCain in television debates and his heading in the polls.
But who knows what the reality is? There are some others in Iran, however, who strongly believe there is no major difference between the Reps & Demos and in many cases the Demos are worse than the Reps. According to these media, treating the Zionists is one important issue in which the Demos are more biased than the Reps.
For example, Tabnak, one of the most viewed Iranian news & analysis site wrote: “president bush was the only president who told about an independent Palestinian country, whereas no democrat president ever mentioned such a thing.”
After that, the AIPAC lobby and its close relation to the Demos is the other issue, some Iranian critics focus at. They say the AIPAC is completely dominated by Zionists and they are Demos who are closer to them, not the Reps. After all everybody in Iran agree to this fact that Demos are more wisdom than the reps and at least by Obama’s coming, the possibility of another invasion to middle east and Iran will be at the lowest level.

Tehran mayor : Tehran to be an Iranian, Islamic City

Tehran mayor who is currently in Tokyo upon an official invitation from Japanese officials, visited Peace Museum in Hiroshima.SAMA reported that during the two-hour visit, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, was accompanied by urban officials of Hiroshima and toured different parts of the museum including relics of World War II atomic bombardment,

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Bush might bomb Iran if he thinks Obama will win

On Fox News Sunday today, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol implied that President Bush is more likely to attack Iran before leaving office if he believes Sen. Barack Obama is going to win the election because he is confident that Sen. John McCain will continue his Iran policy for a third term.

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